Third mood of the Mipel Fashion Committee dedicated to the paths of creativity representative of the fashion trends for the FW 2024/25 season.

Fashion is constantly in motion and evolving, always in search of new stimuli and innovative trends. That's why we will talk about one of the most innovative and inspired trends of the moment: "world visionaries."

It is a transitional trend with the goal of exploring something new and experimental. It is situated in an increasingly sensitive social context, attentive to environmental preservation and human rights. It is precisely with this spirit that the "world visionaries" trend proposes a color palette inspired by the surrounding nature, with a predominance of greens in all their shades. From military tones to brighter ones, all the way to pastel greens with a touch of blue. But not only that, earthy colors such as dark chocolate, sand, and gold with champagne tones are also used.

Once the color palette is chosen, we move on to the selection of materials. In this case, we find soft calfskins and matte nappes, but also surfaces worked with reliefs and micro-grains to create a soft and silky effect. The real innovation is the use of small reptile skins like tejus lizards, which are applied to matte surfaces. An innovation that makes the creations of the "world visionaries" trend even more unique and inimitable.

02 visionari del mondoAs for shapes, there are many original ideas; we can find hobo bags, deconstructed totes, and fanny packs that become body bags with volumes that are not too invasive on the figure. Or bags with vertical developments, with narrow sides and impacts on the figure of the wearer, but never excessive. In summary, this trend seeks to combine functionality with fashion, with a particular focus on details and the exploration of new materials and shapes.

The connection with nature and the search for harmony with the surrounding environment make "world visionaries" a trend of great charm and relevance. If you're looking for a unique and original style, I recommend delving into this trend that will undoubtedly add a touch of freshness to your wardrobe.