composit ferragamoThe aspect that struck me the most during my visit to the exhibition Donne in equilibrio dedicated to Wanda Ferragamo, was her declaration of values as a woman. These were her words:

"Femininity is the noblest and most aristocratic aspect that we, as women, possess. I speak of kindness, the calmness in the tone of voice, the way of presenting oneself and the lifestile. I believe that women should always maintain a touch of femininity, in every occasion, at home and outside. Good manners, kind words, a small smile, they are immeasurable advantages.”

These are values that have been lost in the world of fashion, often managed by female executives who increasingly resemble men. I am referring to values that I myself would like to recover, aware of having forgotten them in an environment where kindness seems to be an optional aspect in professional and human relationships.

The Palazzo Spini Feroni, the location of the exhibition, is the historical headquarters of the Ferragamo family in the heart of Florence. Here, you can also find the store for selling clothing and accessories, as well as the fully updated men's and women's collections since Maximillian Davis took over the creative direction.

Through this exhibition, Ferragamo represents a piece of Italian post-war history through the representation of various design objects, offering a true dive into the past."