Second fashion mood of the Mipel Fashion Committee dedicated to the creative paths representing the fashion trends of the FW 2024/25 season.

In the vast universe of fashion, artistic expression finds its place in how we embrace beauty as a catalyst for change, and through the bold use of colors and volumes, we see how every detail becomes a visual language speaking to the will of transformation.

Colors become our first point of immersion in this exploration. Warm and intense, they blend into a kaleidoscope of contrasting emotions, creating a visual symphony that captures attention. The juxtaposition of vivid hues with cooler and brighter details creates a unique visual dialogue, emphasizing the continuous search for evolution and originality.

Volumes in fashion become the means through which we express boldness and innovation. Totes, duffles, and handbags transform into true works of art, with shapes reminiscent of sports inspiration but reinterpreted in completely revolutionary proportions. This trend not only redefines the function of bags but radically changes their connotation.

The choice of materials becomes crucial in this aesthetic revolution. Bags, undisputed protagonists, embrace the use of full-grain calf leathers, smooth and matte, creating a sensation of enveloping luxury. Materials such as nubuck, suede, and thin, shaved furs add a touch of sophistication, taking fashion to a new level of tactility.

The key to innovative beauty lies in the simplicity of constructions. Bags present themselves clean and minimalist, preferring drawstrings and folds that, with elegance, give volume to high-quality materials. This choice not only imparts a clean look but eliminates the need for supports and structures, except for finishes and galvanics that maintain a subdued and refined tone, with light gold and nickel appearing in a satin finish.

Fashion thus becomes a stage where beauty manifests as a powerful communication tool and becomes the thread that connects the ancient to the modern, transforming each creation into a wearable work of art.