In the dynamic world of fashion, colors play a crucial role in defining trends and styles. Among these, dark red has stood out as a true declaration of luxury and style. This trend, which originally appeared in the Spring/Summer 2023 collections, has quickly conquered the fashion scene, establishing itself as a dominant color.

Red, in an intense and vibrant shade, asserts itself as one of the indispensable colors for Spring/Summer 2024. Its massive presence in fashion shows testifies to its growing popularity. The Attico has created a dramatic and sensual red dress, while Tod's has opted for a more brick-like nuance, presenting a super chic outfit in a new color. Hermès also used red as an accent in a leather-detail skirt, paired with an embroidered sweater. The explosive presence of red on Alexander McQueen's runway, with ornate jackets and painted dresses reminiscent of roses, celebrated Sarah Burton's final show as creative director.

02 tendenza rosso moda

Red, associated with concepts of sensuality, luxury, passion, and energy, offers a wide range of shades: scarlet, garnet, raspberry, ruby, coral, and the famous Valentino Red by Valentino Garavani. This color, traditionally associated with the affluent classes, the world of cinema, and fashion, continues to inspire designers in their creations.

Historically, red has been linked to various cultural and social meanings. In Indian medicine, it is associated with the first chakra, symbolizing security and grounding. In Egypt, it was connected to the god Horus and symbolized chaos and destruction. In antiquity, red fabrics were particularly precious and expensive, making red a symbol of power and influence, worn by monarchs in various cultures from China to ancient Rome.

In the Middle Ages, red symbolized war and royalty, while in the Renaissance it became a symbol of power and wealth. In the contemporary world, red has taken on meanings related to eros, elegance, and boldness, attracting the attention of the fashion world. Christian Dior, in 1947, used it in his creations in a coral-leaning shade called "Rouge Trafalgar". Valentino Garavani made it iconic with his unique "Valentino Red" shade, inspired by the costumes of the Barcelona Opera. Red has become a popular hue in the fashion world, influencing figures such as Gucci, Vogue USA's director Diana Vreeland, and reaching the iconic soles of Louboutin, as well as in cinema with the famous look of Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".

In conclusion, dark red represents not just a trend but a statement of style and luxury in contemporary fashion. This rich and intense shade continues to influence creatives in the sector, promising to remain a fundamental pillar for future trends.