The term "Quiet Luxury" describes a currently viral trend as well as a passion for expensive yet seemingly anonymous clothing, favored by the wealthiest people. Far from the noise of logos and monograms, Quiet Luxury focuses on a tranquil and relaxed luxury.

The Quiet Luxury trend finds its roots in times of uncertainty, where boldness becomes a more tortuous path. On the runways of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 season, we witnessed the return of sophisticated glamour. The garments embodying this trend are characterized by high-quality fabrics, impeccable cuts, and brands recognizable only to the expert eye. This style favors buying fewer, but more suitable pieces: durable, versatile, resistant, and less impactful on the environment.

borse gucci quite luxury

The concept of Quiet Luxury extends beyond clothing. It encompasses beauty, promoting a discreet and elegant aesthetic characterized by colors that maintain a timeless "comfort zone." This style has always been appreciated by a certain segment of the Milanese market, known for its radical chic approach and a wardrobe dominated by sober and neutral tones, like cashmere turtlenecks, tailored shirts, and blazers.

One of the most significant manifestations of this trend was the recent shift of Maison Gucci under the leadership of Sabato De Sarno. The brand has indeed abandoned its recent, eccentric, and wild past, presenting a collection focused on simple but desirable pieces. These garments, despite their apparent simplicity, express discreet embellishment and are made with meticulous care.

In summary, Quiet Luxury prefers fine fabrics and minimalist wardrobe pieces that capture attention for their quality, not the brand name. This style promotes thoughtful purchases and investment in pieces that can be worn for years, representing timeless elegance combined with understated sophistication.