How many times have we heard this phrase associated, even ironically, with Italians? And not always with positivity...

We worked around this second mood for the SS24 season and this phrase is different... It stems from a rediscovery of the "rich" aspect of this way of being: craftsmanship, handmade, tailoring, and meticulously crafted details that are increasingly hard to find but are increasingly desired, even among the new generations, in the products we purchase.

This new quest for creating beautiful things, not just passively consuming products but truly experiencing them, is combined with attention to sustainability and the recycling of materials and ideas... not in a derogatory sense, but in an intelligent way, so as not to "throw away" what has been created over time.

The colors of this theme speak of memories, they are dusty yet vibrant. Colors that bring us back to thick tassels and a natural opacity that immediately makes them special. In this process, we also discover materials closely associated with the warm season, the fullness of summer, as if they were covering up the last delivery of the season. Many straw and coarse fibers are present, naturally intertwined, with aspects that are never too irregular and an artisanal flavor that reveals a hidden technical research behind the final appearance.

We also notice some prints on calf leather with python or medium-sized alligators, tejus and lizards. We also find some grains that are never aggressive or sporty, which have been missing for some time.

The analyzed shapes have refined details, prints, embroideries, threading, and applications. There is a great emphasis on handles, enriched with interwoven leather or covered; many resin details can be seen, with soft and almost organic shapes, so as not to make the products they are applied to too rigid.

Metal hardware is almost absent, except for technical needs, sometimes replaced by resin details. There are many cords, knots, and typically summery details that become unique even on unexpected forms.

The bag sizes are large, spacious, but with volumes that do not invade or distort the silhouette of those who wear them.