Terzo mood per la stagione SS24 del Comitato Moda Mipel che descrive quattro modi di essere italiani.  L’amore per il viaggio è un’esperienza che arricchisce la mente e l’anima ma anche la voglia di tornare è parte integrante di essa. Nel mondo della moda, i consumatori che si identificano con questo tema cercano prodotti raffinati ed eleganti, con una forte componente di prestigio. Tuttavia, ciò che rende un prodotto veramente speciale non è solo il marchio, ma il modo in cui viene realizzato, pensato e nei materiali utilizzati.

Rich details and high-quality, clean materials are essential. Smooth calfskin with a soft and supple texture, expertly crafted leather that enhances its features and makes it unique. Additionally, special fabrics such as canvas with subtle weaves, straw and raffia with sophisticated interlacing, add further value to the products.

Leather finishes, even for fabrics, don't rely on stark contrasts but harmoniously blend in tones and surface finishes. There is also a significant emphasis on sustainability, with the use of natural tanning techniques like hemp oil, which ensures exceptional results.

Furthermore, there is a small space dedicated to technical fabrics that, despite visually presenting less "technical" characteristics, retain an inherent essence suitable for travel and sports-related use.

As for accessories, one can find ribbons and cords for shoulder straps with intricate knots and rich embellishments. Bag handles can be made from special materials like colored resin or unique weaves.

A new balance is reflected in the volumes of bags. Alongside the ever-popular trend of mini bags, there is a strong emergence of large, spacious bags, sometimes with almost disproportionate volumes, ideal for a weekend getaway. Despite their size, the shapes remain feminine, and even daytime bags become special with details reminiscent of elegant evenings, offering a renewed sense of everyday luxury.

Regarding the colors of this theme, there are luminous pastels, fresh and warm like a sunset on the Italian coasts, as well as natural tones like sand and ivory , which evoke the beauty of nature.