Max Mara is a name that resonates strongly in the fashion world, not only for its elegant and timeless coats but also for the message of female empowerment it conveys. Since the 1980s, the brand has transmitted a sort of pragmatic feminism, different from the classic cliché of burning bras, for example. This value aspect is reflected in the quality and design of the garments, designed for women who want the best for themselves. This approach largely stems from the spirit of the founder's mother, Achille Maramotti, who desired a better future for her son and women in general.

max mara storia 2024 IIThe historical brochures of Max Mara are a clear example of how the company has always sought to improve women's awareness and self-esteem. Each brochure was not just a means to sell a product but a vehicle for teaching and inspiration. Carefully chosen words and elegant images spoke directly to women, encouraging them to live more consciously and to continuously improve themselves.

The Max Mara archive is an invaluable resource that testifies to the evolution of fashion and the role of women in society. Ian Griffiths, the brand's creative director, emphasized how every piece preserved in the archive represents a moment in the brand's history and its commitment to promoting female empowerment. Griffiths, who has worked with Max Mara for over thirty years, described the archive as a "living library" of fashion and culture.

Max Mara's coats, in particular, have become a symbol of this pragmatic feminism. Each coat is designed to be functional, elegant, and durable, reflecting the idea that women deserve the best in terms of quality and style. These garments not only protect from the cold but also envelop the wearer in a sense of power and confidence.

The "101801", Max Mara's classic camel coat, is a perfect example: created in 1981, this garment has become a style icon, worn by women around the world. It is not just a coat but a piece of history, a symbol of how fashion can positively influence women's lives.

max mara IIMax Mara has managed to combine innovation and tradition, always remaining true to its values. The constant search for high-quality materials and attention to detail are aspects that characterize each collection. The Italian sartorial tradition, combined with modern design, creates garments that not only follow trends but set them.

The company has also invested in cutting-edge technologies to ensure that its products are sustainable and environmentally friendly. This commitment to sustainability reflects another facet of Max Mara's feminism: responsibility towards the planet and future generations.

Looking to the future, Max Mara continues to be a beacon of empowerment for women. The new collections continue to carry forward the message of pragmatic feminism, combining style, quality, and functionality. The company's leadership, under the guidance of Ian Griffiths and the Maramotti family, continues to promote an inclusive and progressive vision.

The archive will continue to play a crucial role, not only as a source of inspiration for new creations but also as a witness to the history and evolution of women's roles in society. Future generations of designers and fashion enthusiasts will be able to consult it to better understand Max Mara's contribution to the world of fashion and the feminist movement.