Pelle BE LeafAt the last edition of Lineapelle, held from September 19th to 21st at RHO FIERA in Milan, among the numerous innovations presented, I discovered a small stand that showcased an extraordinary innovation in the field of leathera completely plant-based, soft, and incredibly lightweight version, derived from the Colocasia plant. This material caught my attention not only for its remarkable softness but also for the elegant natural pattern that characterizes it; making it an ideal choice for the upcoming autumn season.

At the stand, there were also displayed samples of coloring and finishes that enhance it similar to traditional paints. This versatility opens the door to multiple possibilities for using this vegetable leather.

Colocasia, also known as Elephant Ear, is the plant from which this innovative material is obtained through processes aimed at preserving the natural balance of the environment. For example, the water used in the production process is recycled for irrigation, minimizing waste and environmental impact. Additionally, the residues generated during processing are used as fertilizers for plant cultivation, ensuring a sustainable life cycle for the material.

What truly makes this product extraordinary is its exclusive three-dimensional pattern that faithfully reproduces the leaf veining. This aesthetic touch adds a unique and inimitable charm to each piece, making it truly special.

The 100% organic creations by Nova Kaeru, registrate con il marchio beLEAF™, sono il risultato di una fusione perfetta tra sostenibilità e tecnologia. Questa nuova pelle vegetale non solo rappresenta un lusso per la sua pregiata manifattura ma si distingue anche per la sua profonda attenzione all’ambiente e alle materie prime. Provenendo dal cuore del Brasile, questa novità offre a chromatic harmony inspired by autumn foliage and has a significant ecological footprint. Colocasia vegetable leather undoubtedly represents a step forward in the direction of a decidedly more sustainable fashion world.