We live in a country that is the realm of beauty. Our minds and hearts are constantly stimulated by some of the most beautiful art places in the world... our journey in Italy continues precisely in this direction. We have chosen four museum realities to characterize the four themes of this new SS223.

Museums and collections not always well-known, but equally of great interest and value, and definitely worth discovering or rediscovering, precisely because of this newfound desire to delve into history, which ultimately belongs to us, in search of the best.

Dopo un periodo complesso siamo tutti mossi da una sensibilità nuova, vediamo le cose che ci circondano con una rinnovata emozione, con un occhio più attento e assetato di bellezza, di proporzioni armoniose e di ricerca. Tutto questo noi lo abbiamo trovato ancora più forte nell’arte…come a ripercorrere una strada già percorsa e in parte dimenticata…e quindi con una meraviglia nuova.

Materials, shapes, and details are reinterpreted through this journey across different representations of art.

Even the color palettes and volumes designed for this season speak to the standards of this rediscovered beauty, of an ever-new creativity waiting to be rediscovered and reevaluated.

The four museum realities around which we have built the trends of this season are as follows:

  • The Museum of Fashion and Costume
  • The Museum of Design
  • The Canova's Plaster Cast Gallery
  • The National Museum Collection Salce