The predominant theme of this fourth mood for the SS24 season of the Moda Mipel Committee, describing four ways of being Italian, is the desire to be unique and special, not standardized.

Finally, the desire for a new aesthetic madness returns, never arrogant, which brings to mind young Italian boys and girls, who are no longer static but increasingly citizens of the world and various cultures.This is also reflected in their taste for the products they purchase. There is a strong focus on "second-hand" products, as well as a desire for quality and attention to "bygone era" raw materials, along with a mindset against unnecessary consumption.

There is also a thirst for exploration, new designs, and a creativity that is less glamorous but more special , driven by curiosity and attention. There is a greater desire to discover one's own identity, which is not based on "uniforms" but on strong personalities.The colors of this theme reflect this way of being, with refined tones and shades that are not loud or easily discernible at first glance, but perfectly blend together. They are fresh and feminine colors, borrowed from nature and skillfully combined with each other.

The materials used have washed and buffed aspects, showcasing washed leathers with or without removed buffings, alongside laminated veal and nappa, both in colored fluid film and textured prints. Natural leathers are prevalent, as well as interweaving textile fibers with leather in new proportions. Denim is also prominently featured in various interpretations and washes.

Canvas is an important fabric, but with a subtle texture and refined coloring, rather than a sporty appearance. The shapes we find have "vintage" volumes and classic proportions, which haven't been seen for a while. There are many top handle bags, tote bags with short handles and fairly geometric shapes, not "harsh" but with a clear focus on design.

Handheld bags are abundant, and there are also many zipper closures. Large clutches are also suitable for everyday use. The hardware is functional, small, and refined, often coated or painted, almost hidden, but with sophisticated and unique mechanisms.