First mood of the Mipel Fashion Committee dedicated to the paths of creativity representative of the fashion trends of the FW 2024/25 season.

Creativity is an intrinsic distinctive trait of human behavior, a force that manifests itself in multiple facets and, when applied to the world of fashion, becomes an extraordinary means of expression. To fully understand an individual's creative success in this field, it is essential to consider two fundamental factors: personality and temperament on one side, and the surrounding environment, represented by the economic, historical, cultural, and social context, on the other.

Fashion, therefore, becomes the stage on which this creativity showcases itself in all its magnificence. Clothing appears fluid, with nods to the '90s, an era that has left an indelible mark on the history of fashion. Bags, now true works of art, stand out for their rigidity and construction with geometric shapes and defined edges, reflecting an incisive and characterful femininity.

The choice of materials further contributes to emphasizing the individual's creative expression. The use of shiny, abraded, and brushed calfskins, along with crocodile prints and metallic details, gives the bags a unique personality. These minimal but fundamental details complete the overall image, highlighting attention to detail and care in the construction of each accessory.

The medium volumes of the bags have been designed for everyday functionality, ideal for the modern woman leading a dynamic and busy life. Evoking the style of the working woman of the '90s, these bags bring a contemporary twist, reinterpreting femininity as a positive and reclaimed force.

Even the more structured shapes are not devoid of details that soften the lines, with rounded edges, curves, and proportions that add a touch of elegance and sophistication. The crocodile print stands out as an important, bright, and central theme on the bags, with details decorating the belly and the side, adding an element of luxury and exclusivity.

The color palette further contributes to emphasizing the allure of these creations. Natural tones dominate, with a strong presence of various shades of gray, revealing that this color will be one of the protagonists in the upcoming season. The choice of colors not only provides visual coherence to the entire collection but also underscores attention to contemporaneity and anticipation of future trends.

In conclusion, fashion becomes the means through which individual creativity is tangibly expressed. Bags become not only functional accessories but true works of art that reflect the essence of the wearer and the cultural context surrounding them. A perfect blend of personal style and external influences that creates unique and recognizable trends.