Fourth mood of the Mipel Fashion Committee dedicated to the paths of creativity representing the fashion trends of the FW 2024/25 season.

Life, often compared to a journey through the unknown, is reflected in the ever-changing trends of fashion, symbolizing an existence in constant motion. Traveling in the world of fashion means moving away from what is familiar, facing dynamic and evolving realities. This journey takes us through a time where impulses from the past and unstoppable stimuli of the present are intermingled.

For instance, the pop influence of the 1980s is still vivid, a constant New Wave impulse. This trend celebrates the nostalgia for vinyl records and cassette tapes, along with jewelry that expresses individuality, glamorous makeup, and the gender-fluid allure typical of post-punk London clubs. In this era, the digital and analog harmoniously blend, creating a unique fusion in current trends.

Design is in fervent evolution, with bold graphics and a digital revolution that challenges traditional boundaries. The materials used maintain shapes that symbolize the concept of metamorphosis. There is a tendency to rebuild, reshape, and reinterpret, often through the reproduction of animal and insect motifs in a visionary process.

In this context, embroideries and decorations are abundant, sometimes excessively, featuring a wide variety of textures such as velvets and soft tassels. These elements create a sense of luxury and comfort. Colors also play a crucial role, with strong and bold shades that revolutionize basic looks, making them new and contemporary.

02 espressione dei tempi moderniSynthetic fur, both in short hair and with longer filaments but not excessively voluminous, is a key element. These materials are often produced in bright colors and are treated to create unique effects, such as inlays and laser processing that give a three-dimensional appearance.

Hardware details are also carefully considered, often painted or coated to integrate seamlessly into the design. Shapes draw inspiration from the past but are reinterpreted in a modern key, working around the brand's storytelling and the volumes of the archive, often with innovative proportions.

Finally, there is a trend towards medium-sized bags, practical for everyday use but also suitable for special occasions. These bags mark a departure from the excessively small sizes that have dominated the runways lately, offering a new perspective on functionality and aesthetics in contemporary fashion.