First mood for the SS24 season of the Moda Mipel Committee, describing four ways of being Italian. is a fascinating concept that encompasses not only the idea of living without aging but also the desire to maintain a young and vibrant spirit However, in addition to its philosophical and mythological dimension, eternal youth can be interpreted as a sign of power, wealth, and social recognition. In fact, accessories can become symbols of status and protest, reflecting a social status or the identity of a generation.

Fashion and art, both creative expressions of human beings, merge in a timeless revolution. While fashion is linked to work and behavior, art tells and reflects the feelings of the time in which it is created. This synergy between fashion and art has deep roots in human history and marks the beginning of the modern era, characterized by a principle of constant change.

Fashion plays a central role in power and its communicative aspects within societies, reflecting symbolic signs and contemporary contradictions. It is associated with luxury and seduction and is an art of appearance and disguise. Fashion evolves through style, materials, and languages of communication, influencing society and conveying a message of change and innovation.

Since the late 19th century and throughout the 20th century, the connection between artists and fashion has become increasingly strong. Artists not only portray elegance but also design clothes and manage fashion communication. At the same time, fashion designers draw inspiration from works of art and consider them symbols of their contemporaneity. This interaction between fashion and art is still evident today, with many brands opening historical archives and reintroducing icons from the past, such as the ICON BAG, which maintains its beauty over time and represents the strength of Italian art, style, and craftsmanship.

The BAG becomes "almost mythical" when, despite the passing of years, it retains its wonder in shop windows worldwide. This is the most beautiful power we can have: to create something that remains captivating despite the passage of time. It is a tribute to craftsmanship and the ability of an object to become an ageless symbol, capable of attracting and enchanting people from every generation.